Landlord Inventory

At the start of the tenancy the tenant and landlord should agree an inventory for the property. This should be a thorough documentation of the condition of the property, both externally and internally, and it should also specify any included furnishings and their condition.

In order to draw up an inventory, it will be necessary for you to meet the letting agent or landlord at the property. This is often referred to as a scheduled inventory check. An inventory checklist will need to be drawn up detailing every area of the property covered by the tenancy, noting down the existing condition, including any defects. It is wise to take photographs so that any dispute can be easily resolved.

Following the check, the tenant should be provided with a copy of the inventory that should be signed by both parties once deemed accurate. If anything is not as you remember, it is important to query entries or request amendments before signing the document, as it is likely to form part of the tenancy contract.



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