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We are here to provide help and advice on becoming a property landlord or whether you are looking to rent a property.

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Within this website you will find numerous articles and guidance on the various topics around property rental within the UK. There are many aspects that you need to consider and make sure that you get right so that you make a profit and don’t get caught out by the many rules and regulations.

This website portal will cover topics such as:

Letting Tenancy Agreements

Health and Safety Considerations

Ensuring that you Use an Estate Agent

In today’s world there will always be a huge demand for rental accommodation in the right locations. However buy-to-let dealings raise an array of different issues that require the particular attention and the experience of a qualified conveyancer.

Any buy-to-let entrepreneur needs to take into consideration the numerous legal obligations of a landlord, for instance frequent check-ups, health and safety concerns, the general upkeep of the property and the actual tenancy requirements.

If you plan to let out an older property you need to bear in mind that this may not pass modern safety standards and could require considerable work to remedy. In addition if you are thinking that you may rent out a large property with a number of separate living quarters then you will need to apply for a house in multiple occupation license. These are available from your local council offices.

Whatever your requirements are, I hope that we can provide you with all the advice you may need so that your Landlord experience is a pleasant experience!

Years of Experience

I have been working within the property industry now for over 10 years and make a good living from it. I’m originally from the United States and started a small property business in Philadelphia in 2002. Since then I’ve bought properties in several locations around the world but decided to move to the UK in early 2014 to build my business here.  I’ve located myself on the south coast near Bournemouth as I want to focus my property lettings business in and around this area. Over the years I’ve learnt that the south coast is an extremely popular area that people want to move to due to the proximity of being near beaches and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it.

Since moving here I’ve already purchased a couple of properties and they are now rented out to tenants. I have been using an Estate Agent in Bournemouth to manage the properties on my behalf and I’m making money from the rentals.

Bournemouth and the surrounding areas have so much to offer both from both a personal and business perspective, and I’m keen to explore all of the opportunities I can find.  I will of course keep hopping ‘back across the pond’ now and again to visit friends and family, however the UK has a very strong property market and I see this being the way for the foreseeable future.