Maintenance of the Rental Property

While the tenant is responsible for the basic upkeep of the rental property, the landlord must undertake any larger repairs in a timely manner. The responsibilities of a landlord include maintenance and repairs relating to things such as the roof, windows, wiring and plumbing. If a problem occurs, it is imperative that you contact the letting agent or landlord as soon as possible so that it can be rectified and does not cause further damage or inconvenience. You will need to allow access to the property for any such remedial work.

If there are communal areas in the property, or gardens, make sure the tenancy agreement defines who is responsible for the maintenance of these areas. Tenants with gardens may be required to keep the grounds pruned and free of weeds. Landlords may hire cleaners for communal areas, or there may be a cleaning rota for tenants, so make sure it is clear what each party is responsible for.



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